In Omsk tested a unique all-terrain vehicle


Opportunities rover "Arctic" tested the waters of the Irtysh. Hovercraft, which has no analogues in the world, developed about 40 years.

By water, land and even the swamp — inaccessible places for that all-terrain vehicle in the nature does not exist. Until a few years ago, a hovercraft, developed in Omsk military design bureau, it has been claimed only oil workers of the Far North. Today the situation has changed radically — unique machines operate in the most extreme conditions of Yamal, Kamchatka and Sakhalin. Series production Ariktiki the last 3 years has increased several times.

Sergei Plesovskih, deputy chief designer of "Arctic": "Installed as a mandatory option, GPS-navigator, radar and of a different relationship — from the" KV "and ending with the satellite."

Cab and interior Arctic securely fastened — Heating is provided on the course and in the parking lot. The only negative — while driving in the cabin is so noisy, it is almost impossible to talk. But with this, the designers say nothing about it. The power and throughput amphibians provide just two KAMAZ engine. And in a sudden failure of one of them to hold on to the nearest parking lot will be on the remaining.

Cruising soon amphibians around 80 kilometers per hour. The maximum "Arctic" can accelerate to 150. Fuel reserves sufficient for about 1,100 km of stroke, accounting for one tenth of the territory of Russia from its eastern border to the western.

All-terrain vehicle "Arctic" — the first and only of its kind. His task is to wade where the other vehicle is not proedesh. All-terrain vehicle was successfully tested in the Far North and the Far East.

Victor Belov, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy, Transport and Communications of Omsk region: "It is great and goes over the water and on land. We have one car from Omsk to Salekhard went their way and it works fine now. "

The invention of Omsk designers are actively interested representatives of the big Yakut diamond mining company. For the conditions in which they work, like all-terrain vehicle nearly ideal.
according to the TV "Irtysh"

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