In Omsk, the center opened a vocal art

In Omsk starts its work Vocal Arts Center, which has agreed to lead a prima local musical theater Irina Trusova.

This Wednesday, October 3, at Omsk city center will open Vocal Arts Irina Trusova, Honored Artist of Russia, soloist of the Omsk State Music Theatre. Center opens on the basis of children’s art school number 17, which in 2010 the municipality has provided a new space in the Amur village. At the opening of the center of Yekaterinburg come first teacher Irina Trusova — Margarita Vladimirov, which will hold for Omsk singers first master-class.

— The city has a great creative potential, we have a lot of gifted children. Irina will certainly attract them by their energy — except that she is charming beautiful woman, she has great taste in music — said at the presentation of the Chief of the educational institutions of additional education administration department of culture of the city of Omsk Valery Kirsanov. — This is important — to impart the right taste, it is necessary that the children understood the music and loved it.

Originally planned to coincide with the opening of City Hall vocal center for the City Day. However, due to the large number of events in the city and the lack of students who were on summer vacation, he decided to move in the fall. According to the most Trusova, it was a logical solution, and now the center will open its doors on the eve of Teacher’s Day.

— I am grateful that the Department of Culture came to me with such a proposal, — said Irina Trusova. — Vocal offices are in our city in great demand — a shortfall they never have. But you know, God breathes into human talent, but it requires a lot of effort. Count how many years we spend for the schooling of 8 years — at a music school, then 4 years old — at the school, another 5 years — at the conservatory. Here’s how to work and patience.

In addition to the master classes by leading teachers of vocal skill, the organizers promise to invite the center for seminars and consultations vocalists from other regions. The most anticipated new center-town teacher promises to be a People’s Artist of the USSR, the Russian opera singer Tamara Synyavska.

— Note that this is not the traditional educational process and the system work — told  Irina Nesterov, director of children’s art school number 17. — In general, this class thematic modules and monthly methodological advice from teachers specialized secondary and higher educational institutions.

The center should be to unite the most gifted of all the Omsk music schools, while it will be able to enroll everyone in the Omsk region not less than 6 and no older than 18 years. Services, however, will pay: Depending on the skill of the teacher, the price of master classes will range from 300 to 500 rubles. Thus, another objective of the center, according to Valery Kirsanov will legalization of private lessons, the teachers used to spend at home for their wards.

As planned by the Omsk primo, in the near future to expand the line of educational disciplines: in addition to the actual vocal skill, "the best cultural stratum of our population" will shape the teachers drawing, dancing and aesthetics.

— Our children need to be liberated in a high aesthetic sense of the word — added Trusova. — For example, we have lost the habit to sing at home for the holiday, but because it is a song we can reveal all their hopes in them for the Russian human salvation.

In addition to workshops and seminars, vocal center is beginning to develop their own plans and methodological manuals. In November 2013 Vocal Arts Center Irina Trusova intends to own the first scientific conference.

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