In Omsk, was caught on a bribe Head of the Criminal Investigation Department

To re-qualify for a less serious crime, the police asked for 25,000 rubles. After receiving the money, he was detained.

In Omsk, as a result of operational search activities undertaken by a private security service AMIA Russia’s Omsk region, after receiving a bribe of 25 thousand rubles was arrested the head of the police department ESD number 1 MOI of Russia for the city of Omsk. A police officer wanted to reclassify the offense under "intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm" to a less serious within the same article.

On behalf of the Chief Directorate of the MOI of Russia in Omsk region Yuri Tomchak service check is conducted, the press service of the department. The results of operative and investigative activities and materials service check will be sent to the SU RF IC in the Omsk region for further action.

The employee is currently suspended from duty. In the event of a staff member is installed, it will be removed from the bodies, and its leaders will be held to strict disciplinary action.

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