In Omsk, will start production of equipment for HD-TV

   Omsk on "Irtysh" can provide large orders from Minkomsvyazi.Coobschaet RBC-daily, in early February, "Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network" in conjunction with "Rostelecom" and FEMA have completed testing of the technology of high definition television standard DVB-T2, the decision to implement that autumn 2011 Ministry of Communications adopted. Thus, the first multiplex channels ("Channel", "Russia 1", "Russia 2", "Russia 24", "Russia By", "St. Petersburg — Channel Five", NTV and children’s and youth television "Carousel") can be will show in HD-quality. But now the HD-broadcasting had not mastered any Russian channel other than "I", as in the Russian market still lacked equipment such technology. New technology makes it possible to increase the maximum rate of traffic channel in the same frequency up to 50 Mbit / c (previous technology DVB-T assumed speed of 30 Mbit / s). It is planned that the introduction of DVB-T2 will start in March this year, first in Kazan, in the Kuban and then to St. Petersburg. Since March of this year, will go on sale TVs with support for DVB-T2. In addition, the boxes for television sets will produce a variety of native plants in Kaliningrad, Ufa, Omsk and Barnaul. Most likely, the issue of set-top boxes will Omsk Production Association "Irtysh", which currently has a range of digital set-top format DVB-T. 

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