In Omskenergo earned the first solar cell


The installation of the first solar module capacity of 3 kW in Russian-Polyansky District of electric networks, the press-service branch JSC "IDGC of Siberia""Omskenergo". The equipment was installed as part of a comprehensive project to save energy.

Solar power provides electricity to fully RESa garage and pump heating system. The savings from the use of the module will be more than 100 kWh / month in winter and up to 2 MW / h in summer. With the installation of additional solar power production will be increased. This will provide light and warmth of a new production base area of electrical networks, which is being built now.
Studies confirm that the effective use of solar batteries is possible if the solar activity at least 5 hours a day. In the Russian-Polyansky District, according to the State "Omsk hydrometeocenter", the figure is up to 5.25 hours per day.

Also in the Russian-Polyansky RESe being installed wind turbine capacity of 30 kW, which will provide coverage of a warehouse and garage. The effect of the operation of the plant up to 10 MW / h per year.

In "Omskenergo" for many years had its own program for energy efficiency. It provides, inter alia, improving the efficiency of the equipment through the use of new technologies: a self-supporting insulated wire, gas switches, remote control system. Reconstruction of the production bases of the areas of electrical networks, buildings and structures is carried out with the use of modern technology. In 2012, the years for energy efficiency projects implemented in the Russian-Polyansky and Lubinsky areas.

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