In Omutinskaya district of the Tyumen region opened a farm for the production of goat milk

August 3 in the peasant economy of Vladimir Kizerova Omutinskaya area was officially opened farms producing goat milk. The farm is a high-tech facilities, equipped with modern equipment and works only with highly productive farm animals.

Peasant farming Kizerova, begins in 1997, with 150 hectares of arable land, is today one of the largest agricultural enterprises of meat and dairy specialization, which is concentrated 35% of the dairy herd Omutinskaya district, 70% of the milk produced and provided one-fifth of sales of agricultural enterprises in the district. In terms of productivity of dairy cattle and crop farming is a leader in the area and is among the top companies in the region.

In the near future we plan to expand production by increasing the herd to 1,000 head of goats and goat milk processing organization in the sector.

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