In one of the prisons opened shop for the production of margarine

Omsk prisoners themselves are now not only their own clothes, but also fed. In one of the prisons opened a workshop for the production of margarine. The production line is fully automated and is designed for a huge amount of production — at least 50 tons per month.

Absolute sterility and complete automation of production. It seems that this shop — a small part of a large European plant, and it is very difficult to believe that the production is located in the center of one of the Omsk colonies. Become an employee of the shop, which provides margarine entire correctional system area is very difficult.
"We have, as it were considered an elite unit we recruit a few people, only 6 people have. Therefore, we select only the best of the best. I have already passed the parole letting go on Monday, "- says Eugene Dolgih convicted.
Produce margarine over all quality standards. Human factor here just can not be — does everything automatic. The operator need only load the feed on one side and the supply container for the finished product is on the other side of the machine. The only thing that is done by hand — quality control.
The idea to organize the production of margarine, are recognized in the administration of the colony, came by accident. As it turned out, margarine — a product of high demand. In its colonies are used instead of vegetable oils. Now a small shop ready to go at maximum capacity — 50 tons of finished products per month
"Only for local FPS per month to 13 tons. We also its ships in Perm. Who is involved in the quotation for the supply of margarine in Kalmykia and Vladivostok " said Andrei Pankratov, deputy head of the production LIU number 2.
However, margarine — is not the only product that is produced in the colony. The convicts have long fed homemade bread from a local bakery, and some time ago based on it began to produce more and pasta. Now the next administration plans to move on to dessert — in the near future in the colony it is possible to begin producing condensed milk. ->

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