In one of the schools in the city of Kirov learn right away 19 pairs of twins



In one of the schools in the city of Kirov learn right away 19 pairs of twins

05.12.03, the



All of them were born in the same district of the city, and scientists have put forward different versions to explain the mystery — why are there so many twins?

Look at yourself, see my second "I" look at ourselves — many in the Kirov high school can do it, not just looking in the mirror.

It mirrors the school lobby change their shoes, the first to the second, or just with each other. Children in the same shoes, clothing, and exactly the same with the person studying here in all the parallels with the second through tenth grades, 19 pairs of twins.

Sisters Klimov quoted her album with pictures of heroines TV series. Every morning, they argue, who carries it to school. Every evening, the twins shared TV: who to see.

At school games. For example, to play a young teacher and get a Christmas gift for my brother.

The twins are similar only in appearance, each with its own character. In life, everyone wants different. Twins — the color of a shirt or sunglasses, the sisters — the color of the hair or nail polish.

Scientists have named the school 47 Kirov twin phenomenon, but has not yet found an explanation. Anomaly blamed on ecology: biochemical plant next door, the hum of the airport, even the power line. The director refers to the same school district SWC in which the school is located. He built it for the promise of the apartment and he knows where babies come from Komsomol activists.

Vladimir Kodachigov, director of the school, "All day they worked, and then they worked on Saturday. Apparently naskuchavshis after such hard work, meeting with his wife led to such great effect — getting doubles".

And in the school, as the lessons now go genetics anketiruyut twins, find out heredity, area of residence, and even the parent area. Gemini happy to pose scientists and even composed a song about his uniqueness.

"The fact that we have so much in school — it's not even a secret
twins sit that house, we send greetings from the screen.
Visit us to learn, everyone who two of the casket,
Let doubles and troitsya — with the same person. "

Rehearse a song to the last bell. And yet we must choose the healthiest graduate on to the local tradition was able to carry on the shoulders of two twins with bells. And by September 1, here waiting for the first triplets.

















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