In order Sakhalin police entered the Mi-8AMT

In order Sakhalin police entered the Mi-8AMT. He will carry out air patrols of the island territory. Under the special supervision of law enforcement officials and illegal fishermen may, IA SakhalinMedia reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Sakhalin.

 The need for a police helicopter at the island is ripe for a long time. Sakhalin Region is classified as regions of Russia, combining high raw-material potential with extreme conditions of its development. Fishing industry of the area today occupies a leading position in the Far East and the Russian Federation in terms of catch of fish, as well as on the potential created by onshore fish processing plants. However, the fishing industry is one of the most criminally rich sectors of the economy, the level of crime in the past several years is not reduced.

Most illegal harvesting of aquatic biological resources is conducted in remote and inaccessible places. In order to detect and prevent such crimes during the mass spawning of anadromous fish on Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands are held annually large-scale search operations. The use of the police helicopter will provide a comprehensive and efficient use of manpower and resources involved in the operations, respond quickly to crimes related to the illegal extraction of water and biological resources, improve the effectiveness of the fight against crime in this area.

The use of helicopters will allow employees to carry out a number of island police measures to prevent, detect and combat the activities of organized criminal groups and terrorist extremist, protection of public order, traffic management. The aircraft can carry out the delivery of operational investigative group to the scene of the crime, traffic accidents. Can provide protection from the air especially important and sensitive sites, search engines and be accompanied by other special operations. In addition, the helicopter will maintain communication between Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.

Mi8-AMT — a modern modification of the Mi-8 helicopters with improved power plant. In the development of this type was considered a huge experience in operation for more than 12 000 family of helicopters MI-8 in all climatic and natural areas. The helicopter can carry up to 13 passengers in a comfortable environment: low vibration and noise, comfortable seats, wide windows, air conditioning, presence information and emergency lighting panels, fluorescent lighting. The helicopter is equipped with additional external fuel tanks. The total mass of the empty helicopter is more than 7 tons, the maximum range of up to 1,000 kilometers, the average speed is 220 kilometers per hour. This vehicle is created at an aircraft factory in Ulan-Ude, under the motto "The comfort and safety".

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