In Orel opened two new schools (PHOTOS)

New school number 10 in the neighborhood of Eagle Meadows

New Spassko-Lutovinovskaya School. IS Turgenev in Mtsensk District

August 31 is also opened after renovation Secondary school number 2 in Maloarkhangelsk. Overhaul of the building was started a year ago at the request of Governor. Repair costs totaled more than 90 million rubles.

Today the school is taking more than 300 students, meets all modern requirements. After repairs are equipped with a class of computer science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, geography, basic life safety and basic military training, a modern gym, a dining room.

In the area adjacent to the school, created the core of sports, which includes basketball, volleyball and football grounds. Flooded foundation for the future of hockey court. The school is planned to create a center for distance learning of gifted children.

Directly on the Day of Knowledge, September 1, were inaugurated two new schools — in the Meadows neighborhood in Eagle, and in a. Spassky-Lutovinovo Mtsensk District.

The line at school number 10 in Luzhkov began at 9:00 with the construction of students, students of the club "Young sailor." They are entrusted to make the characters of the institution — school banner and battle flag submarine "Eagle."

Build a school for 850 students with classes correction for orphans in the district Meadows began in 1997. However, after a few years due to lack of funding the work suspended. Thanks to the new leadership of long-term construction could be completed in two years. Funds were allocated from the federal and regional budgets, only the sum of 190 million rubles.

The modern four-storey building of the 10th secondary school to meet the new requirements of the educational process. The establishment is designed for 850 seats, spacious posted here classrooms, sports and assembly halls, catering department with dining for 284 seats. For studies of mathematics, history, geography, basic life safety and basic military training purchased new equipment for the physics classroom — teaching and laboratory facilities. The jobs of teachers with computers. Students will be able to engage in language laboratories, equipped with multimedia installations, interactive whiteboards. For primary school children’s play facilities and separate sleeping rooms, recreation areas.

Spassko-Lutovinovskoy secondary school named after IS Turgenev (St. Nicholas, 44) also have something to boast about. Construction of the facility began in 2007. It failed to complete due to budget funding and the federal target program "Social development of village until 2012." A total of school was spent about 86 million rubles.

The school is designed for 88 pupils. Today, a new building took 11 first graders.

The head of the Mtsensk District, IA Grachev:

— We are witnessing a historic event — open our new school. School laid Ivan Turgenev in 1863. As a writer and bequeathed, this temple of knowledge should put on a great point. Autumn next to the school will be the park, near the new asphalt paved road, there is a playground, modern lighting.

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