In Orenburg biokozhu used to treat stomach ulcers

Ulcer the size of a penny. In the stomach, the patient is already in the appropriate space on the flap biokozhi. It brought there by endoscopic tube. Just wrapped in a spiral and held inside.

"We have noticed that after two pilings ulcerative defect decreased significantly. Leather, turns, running buffer and prevents irritation of juice, which is in the stomach, "- said the head of the department of endoscopic MBUZ" GKB NI Pirogov "Alexander Grigoriev.

Biokozha — stimulant. It activates the body’s own tissues growth. As a blanket covering the damaged area. The patient feels nothing.Nicholas Syachinafter the procedure rose from the couch and went home. No discomfort and rehabilitation.

"First, do not believe it. Did not agree. But they said — the operation will not be. Will be through the hose … do everything "- said Nikolai Syachin patient.

Creator biokozhiRamil Rahmatullinto offer physicians Hospital. Pirogov initially reacted skeptically. But then I thought: the mucous membrane of the stomach — the same skin, just inside. However, for her had to make a variant of acid-resistant material. To resorbed in the gastric juice. The structure has been successful.

"Initially, the matrix of luck. She can be so, and so to work. We added just one component which allows to withstand the conditions of the gastric juice, does not dissolve and adhere to the mucosa. And the technology worked, "- said the head of research and production laboratory HPE" OSU ", MD Ramil Rahmatullin.

Loud statements doctors try not to do — the method still need to work out. But one thing is clear — the new technology is born. Creator biokozhi compares it with the lens opening Fedorov and spoke Elizarova.

"We are encouraging results that allow us to expand our research — from simple search to put on stream — the stream to be used in patients for further effective treatment," — said the head of the Department of Surgery OrGMA, MDDmitry Demin.

Cured of ulcers by biokozhi two. Third on the road to recovery. It is possible that in the All-Russian Center will Pirogovke bioplastics gastric ulcer. While this is just talk, but they are not groundless. This is a breakthrough in medicine. It was made possible thanks to the Orenburg scientists.

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