In Orenburg, opened new perinatal center

In the five-story building perinatal center clinical hospital № 2 Orenburg major repairs and reconstruction. Already yesterday, the first medical facility began accepting patients.

To strengthen the material and technical base of the center has been sent to more than 143 million rubles. Of these, almost 100 million rubles — for the major overhaul. Purchased new Anesthesia and tracking equipment for neonatal intensive care unit for a total amount of 33 million rubles from the state treasury. In addition, at the expense of CHI (11 million) purchased new furniture and equipment (including adjustable beds and obstetric beds, trasnformery). Replaced plumbing, ventilation and bactericidal devices.

Updated Perinatal Center has 100 beds.

As part of the reconstruction is organized by the Chamber postanesthetic surveillance for postpartum women. All the delivery room — individual. Their number has increased to 8.
In addition an observational delivery room at the front desk for pregnant women with infections. Modern ventilation system effectively disinfects the air in the operating room and labor wards. Also reconstructed wardrobe for staff and created "filter delousing" for medical staff.

Most of the houses in the postpartum unit organized by box type, with shower and toilet. In each box — two 1-local Chamber to co-host the mother and child. On the same principle held in the Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Pathology pregnant. Each chamber is designed for 2-3 women and no more.

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