In p. Budanovka (Kursk region) opened pig farm

February 27 in the village of Budanovka Zolotukhinsky Kursk region opened a new pig-breeding complex for 5,250 sows with production of meat in live weight of more than 14.5 tons per year.

The new pig farm is by far the largest in the Kursk region for the production of pig meat and is one of significant investment projects in the field of animal husbandry. The complex was built in 10 months, the Moscow company "Global Eco." The new pig is equipped with the latest technology, there will hire about 150 people with an average salary of more than 16 000. As the CEO of Pavel Smetana, "Global Eco" plans to continue to develop the business in the Kursk region, particularly in Manturovsky and Schigrovsky areas. Already this year, "Global Eco" will start construction next Manturovsky pig farm in an area that will give the area an additional 15,000 tons of pig meat in live weight per year, according to the regional press office.

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