In p. Chastoozere Kurgan region opened feed mill

The village Chastoozere Kurgan region on June 15, the opening of the feed mill. The plant is one of the objects of the genetic center, created in Chastoozere. Currently, the company will ensure that we already have a pig, but its power — seven tons of finished product per hour — will serve 2.5 million head of pigs or cattle. Provide plant material for the smooth operation of farms will help districts of the eastern region, which is grown in the fields necessary for the production of fodder culture.

The factory area is more than 10,000 square meters, soon there will be an oil press for pressing rapeseed and other oil crops. The company will be able to produce not only the granules, but also oil, going to the feed, and will also receive a meal, in which more than 30% of the protein required for active growth of the animals.

village Chastoozere fotoobzor


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