In p. Dolgoderevenskoe Chelyabinsk region after the cap. Repair opened CRH

The village Dolgoderevenskoe Sosnowski district renovated newly opened Central Regional Hospital — medical facility was closed for the last three years.

Reconstruction of health care Sosnowski area occurred for the first time since its foundation — in the past year, CRH was 20 years old. To renovate a local hospital budget sent 39.3 million rubles, which have been completely updated with all of the hospital, replaced doors and windows and bought new furniture.

In addition, as part of the healthcare modernization program of the Chelyabinsk region for the purchase of medical equipment has been allocated 14 million rubles. On the part of the funds procured equipment for the intensive care unit, received 55 software and hardware registers ECG "Kardiodzhet" seven ambulances are equipped with GLONASS.

Also received equipment for dispatching services ambulances. In addition, the money allocated for the modernization program of health, have increased the average salary hospital staff.

Today the hospital serves more than 62 million people and is able to provide all of the standard forms of assistance.

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