In p. Ilyinka (Khabarovsk Territory) after the cap. repair clinic opened

July 3 was the opening ceremony of the updated medical ambulance, sad dilapidated building was transformed into a modern, light and airy room. And the neighborhood ennoble not forgotten. Housewarming villagers waited for a long time: overhaul of the building did not do more than 25 years, and redecorating a quarter of a century spent only once. Patients crowded into a narrow dark hallways, in doctors’ offices had the old furniture.

Of the original building, in fact, not a trace remained. First, the appearance has changed dramatically — updated roof, facade, windows and doors replaced, repaired porch, built a ramp, made a separate entrance for mothers with children.

As for the internal repair, replace, engineering and electrical networks, sewers, installed ventilation, did Mighty redecorating. In classrooms brought a new office and medical furniture. Equipped physiotherapy, vaccination, procedural. Now it takes a therapist, pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist, dentist. There’s even room for the rest of staff.

Maximum landscaped neighborhood: asphalted approach to dispensaries, smashed flower beds.

Major repairs were made within the framework of the regional program "Modernization of the Health of the Khabarovsk Krai in 2011-2012." For this purpose from the regional budget was allocated 4,000,000 600 thousand rubles.

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