In p. Ivolginsk (Rep. of Buryatia) opened the clinic

Construction was carried out in 2011, 2012. in the framework of the Program of socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus. Funding was provided by the federal, republican and municipal budgets in the amount of 106.2 million rubles.

The building is modern, spacious, meeting all standards and regulations. For each expert a dedicated office. Under the program of health informatics specialist doctors, leading reception of patients will be provided with personal computers, plans to introduce electronic cards and electronic patient records to physicians and diagnostic studies.

In connection with the opening of the new Center will increase the number of established posts of doctors and medical professionals. Open new offices — observation, physical therapy, school health, etc. The presence of additional areas will attract young professionals to the area.

The population of the district will be served by 30 doctors and 50 nurses. In 2011-2012, recruited by the Federal Program "Zemsky doctor" 11 doctors — young professionals, including obstetrician-gynecologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, a doctor of functional diagnostics, dermatologist, general practitioners, general practitioner, a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist.

Under the program "Modernization of public health", 99 units of medical equipment worth over 15.4 million rubles.Including for clinical diagnostic laboratory — 9 units, for physical therapy office — 39 units, for the offices of physiotherapy — 7 units, for functional diagnostics — 12 units, for the ophthalmologist’s office — 3 units, to survey the population purchased a mobile digital X-ray machine .

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