In p.Kultuk (Irkutsk region) built a school for 600 pupils

Kultukskaya high school, fully ready for the school year, was destroyed by an earthquake occurring August 27, 2008. Learn it became impossible. The construction of the new building was decided long 4 years. 

A year has passed since the beginning of construction, even a little less. And by September 1 — the school was built. Held landscaping around the school, delivered furniture, modern equipment for the dining room, a medical, sports hall, spetskabinetov: computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, language laboratory. 


 Yuri Antonov Kulikalov (Deputy Director) says that the school has not yet put: it is necessary to have a number of technical measures to adjust your heating and ventilation systems, and only then ready to present in a complex object in the construction supervision and other regulatory authorities. Since the second quarter of the children will be learning in a new building.


Under the contract, construction should be completed in March 2014. Due to the fact that the governor decided to execute all as soon as possible, it is desirable for the new school year, the builders did not consistently erected housing of the future school, as is usually done, but at the same time began to lift all five units with the involvement of more specialized equipment, people and facilities of the company. The task was to perform a quality job, then to 50 years can be operated school with no problems and just keep short-term maintenance. So we have to wait a bit.

Here, large bright windows, high cabinets, lots of recreations, a huge gymnasium, almost like in sports. "Even the unusual", — said the director of Marina Germanovna Medvedev. A brand new office technology on 22 machine, dining room with modern equipment for 220 seats. Large room for the library — 324 square meters, where once can engage 50 children library. In rooms for extracurricular activities at 300 square innovation center will house a "Lapis" with its museum complex. Assembly hall with a stage with 110 seats.


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