In p. Lipin Bor (Vologda region). Opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

June 29 in the village of Lipin Bor ceremony of putting into operation of a new kindergarten for 80 seats. Construction of prefabricated kindergarten through modular system completed of "SKDM" — the first in the Russian company, employing innovative block-modular technology for the construction of pre-school educational institutions. It allows you to build a kindergarten for 80, 120 or 160 people in a short time, in any climate and under any weather conditions.

The use of modern materials and lightly loaded the bases cheapen the cost of building a garden in comparison with the traditional capital construction techniques. The building shall "turn-key", with internal engineering services, is equipped with equipment, inventory, furniture. The production uses eco-friendly materials. Group, bedrooms and other rooms in the building are bright, comfortable layouts.

The new garden is designed for four groups of children. The project provides all the facilities for children and caregivers: a bedroom, game room, sports and music halls, catering department, medical office, insulator, laundry and ironing facilities, staff room. In the neighborhood for each group is nestled playgrounds for walks and outdoor games.

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