In p. Lopatino (Samara region). Opened mini feed mill

In late June, p. Lopatino KFH head of the Volga region, Alexander Rodkin launched into operation a plant for the production of feed capacity of 2.5 tons per hour. Farmer organized the production of multi-component feed, which are in demand in nearby farms, poultry farms, backyard of the Volga and in the neighboring areas.

Raw materials for animal feed until purchased from farms and grain elevators, the prices of manufactured products account for 8 — 17 rubles. per kilogram. In the short term, Rodkin intends to move on its own production of grain crops. Sown area will be at least 3 — 4 ha.

In addition, the district administration is considering the possibility of providing the farmer production facilities, so that he began to develop here livestock direction.

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