In p. Marshanskoe Novosibirsk region is building a large cattle-breeding complex

The project to create a modern and efficient agricultural enterprises breeding cattle breeding, milk and meat production in the village Marshanskoe Kargat district was considered and approved at the meeting of Board of Investment of the region in December 2012.

The project envisages the construction of the following facilities: rooms for the content of 4,450 heads of highly productive breeds of cattle; park for agricultural equipment and machinery, storage for hay, silage trenches; shop for milk processing capacity of 100 tons per day, the meat processing plant with capacity of up to 4 tons per shift.

Implementation of the project will last for five years and is divided into two etapa.Pervy involves the construction of 15 buildings for the content of cows and calves, feed mill capacity of 10 tons per hour, the granary of 50 tons, the acquisition of Simmental cattle (dairy and meat) breed, etc.

In the second phase will be built a new milk processing plant is 100 tons per day and the plant Industrial slaughter capacity of 10 tons per shift.

The total project cost of 2,500 million rubles, the designed capacity in 2017, the project payback period — 10 years. We plan to create 200 new jobs.


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