In p. Morgunov (Kaliningrad region). Opened a kindergarten for 40 seats


The village Morgunov Guriev district renovated kindergarten opened "Fairy Tale" with 40 seats. Will visit his children from twelve surrounding villages.


The building, erected in the 80-ies of the last century, almost twenty years did not function for its intended purpose. During this time, a whole generation that is here today led their children. The cost of reconstruction of the premises amounted to almost 7 million rubles, 10 percent of this amount invested municipality, the rest added their budgets.

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The regional program for the construction, repair and renovation of kindergartens, according to the press service of the Kaliningrad government, three years is planned to arrange a house-warming party for all preschool children from 3 to 7 years. And in Guriev district during this time will be a total of 440 new kindergarten places.


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