In p. New Sloboda Tambov region opened dairy complex for 1176 head of dairy cattle

May 25 in the village of Novaya Sloboda Tambov region opened a dairy farm "Agrofirm" Zhupikov. " Created 60 jobs.

Dairy complex is designed for 1176 milking cows loose housing. The total investment of the dairy complex is 755 million rubles. Farm construction lasted two years. Already in November 2012, it was first imported livestock.

To implement the project procured breeding heifers Holstein — Friesian breed from Denmark (671 head) productivity of at least 7.5 tons of milk per year. 510 more goals will be delivered at the end of the summer. Today, the farm contains 201 milch cow, 467 heifers, 184 calves at the age of 3.5 months. The average milk yield per cow was 27.5 liters of milk fat content of not less than 4.1 percent

Photos of the construction process  Photo, video 

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