In p. Petrovka Tambov region opened a school for 397 seats with the study agroekotehnology

The new education center will serve as a regional resource center for the development of environmental technology intensive horticulture, gardening and farming.

It will work environmental technology and science centers, historical and cultural heritage, the laboratory of biological research, ecology and environmental economics, physics, and engineering mechanics, design bureaus, mediastudiya, the school’s press center, a study of spiritual and moral education, study of intercultural communication, the laboratory " Smart House "design bureau.

On school grounds are also equipped with agro, boxing mechanized equipment, areas of landscape design, intensive gardening, energy-efficient technologies in crop production, meteorological and geographical area for the study of climatic conditions.

Sports Complex, located on the school grounds, including grounds for athletics, basketball, volleyball, mini-football field, an obstacle course, areas for active play.

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