In p. Pine-Ozyorskoye Buryat Republic opened a new medical ward CRH

October 10th the grand opening of a new therapeutic department of the central district hospital in a. Pine-Ozyorskoye. Department is in the first phase of construction of the hospital and is designed for 25 beds. The construction of the housing has been spent 97 million rubles.

Due to the hazardous condition of the buildings in the central district hospital with. Pine-Ozyorskoye, built in 1930, the district administration decided to send the funds to the development of project documentation for the construction of the hospital complex.

In 2007, with funding from the state budget of $ 9.5 million has been developed detailed documentation and commenced construction of the first hospitals in the four objects: the therapeutic and infectious offices, catering department and CSO. The cost of the first phase on construction documents of more than 232 million 652 thousand rubles.

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