In p. Pomozdino Komi Republic opened dairy

The long-awaited renovation of the former bakery under the dairy, which SEC "Pomozdino" Ust-Kulomski region lasted for several years, finally ended.

— This is an important event not only for the village of Ust-Pomozdino and Kulomskiy area, but also for the whole republic! — The Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Komi Sergei Chechetkin. — The history of the project is from the 90s. Real progress began only in 2006, but stopped because of the crisis reconstruction. And with the arrival of the Ust-Kulom area of the new management team, the agricultural industry received strong support. And one of the results — the opening of the dairy. Now, before the SEC "Pomozdino" task to increase this year, milk production by 8-10 percent, begin reconstruction of the farm, and in 2014 — to increase milk production by 1.5 times.

Dairies moved into the new building of the church, where more than 60 years, located dairy farm shop "Pomozdinsky." Believers are urged district authorities to transfer the ownership of the temple of the diocese to use the building for its intended purpose. In addition, the room of the temple was not designed for the production of products that meet the specified requirement. In terms of Russia’s entry into the WTO this format production will soon be incapacitated.

Under the milk processing plant used part of a former bakery. Power plant — 3 tons of milk per shift. If you organize the work in two shifts, the day can process up to 6 tons of raw materials. The total cost of the project — 17.1 million rubles, including the cost of equipment — 10.9 million rubles. The Republican budget has allocated 12.6 million rubles, the local budget — 1.3 million rubles, in the framework of social partnership to raise funds for the sponsor of $ 1.9 million.

The new shop is equipped with the latest equipment with which processing is automated. The system completely eliminates contact materials to the environment, as well as the negative impact of the human factor. All this has a positive effect on the quality of the final product. The fact that a new technology has improved the taste, even the workers themselves have noted the shop. SEC "Pomozdino" can now attract customers not only excellent quality, but also a diverse range of products. The shop already produce pasteurized milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese Adygea, butter, kefir drink, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Changed and packaging. Milk and dairy drinks bottled in cartons "Pure-Pak", sour cream and yogurt — in polystyrene cups, butter and cottage cheese — into briquettes, Adygea cheese — in vacuum packs.

— But if the economy will not be material, the matter will ruin the bud — warned the minister. — In order to be cost-effective production, it is necessary to use the plant at full capacity. The milk must come without bursts evenly throughout the year. To do this, adjust the calving and increase milk yields. The country average yield per cow reached 4 million liters per year, and three farms were able to achieve an annual productivity of cows in the 6 thousand liters! And it’s real. Ensure animal feed and balance the diet. That’s what the economy will require high-performance equipment. Fortunately, the district administration here ready to help. But more importantly be in normal animals. Even without the current reconstruction of the old premises can not do. Just upgraded facilities and decent working conditions for the farm will be able to attract skilled workers and young people.

Now the SEC "Pomozdino" will be able to solve the problem with marketing. Consumers can now assess the quality of the product range of packaging and design have improved markedly. With this economy it will be easier to promote products in trade organizations and refocus the consumer in favor of clean, high-quality local products

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