In p. SOSNOVKA Omsk region opened feed mill

In Kormilovsky metro area commissioned a modern feed mill, the second power in the Omsk region. The plant is designed to produce 40 thousand tons of pelleted feed per year.

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New agricultural holding company "Rusko-Agro" is equipped with the latest technology. The plant was built on a compact production site outside the village SOSNOVKA that already have pig farm and a poultry farm company.

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Start your own feed mill AGROKHOLDING will reduce the cost of purchased feed, improve the efficiency of the production process, to create up to 100 new jobs. 

The plant is designed to produce 40,000 tons of pelleted feed per year. The designed capacity will increase the capacity up to 200 tons or more per day. In the construction of a modern industrial complex invested 300 million rubles of investments.

Currently under construction, elevator complex with a storage capacity of 30,000 tons of grain.


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