In p. Zakharov (Amur region) has opened a line of milk processing


Module for processing milk into Krasnochikoisky district brought from Krasnoyarsk. Purchase equipment for the 4 million 200 thousand rubles. entrepreneurs helped Administration — half the cost paid for the region, and another quarter — an area. Milk processing entrepreneurs have decided to take away from the local population. People with great pleasure to hand over the milk from his part-time farm — with hard work in the countryside, the more that people Krasnochikoisky district to pass the milk will not have to go. Experts organize the delivery of the module itself.

Today, the unit is only 4 people. While the unit does not operate at full capacity so many experts is enough. Today, the village Zaharovo recycle 500 liters every two days, but soon it is planning to increase the capacity of up to thousands of gallons per day. In the future, the entrepreneurs plan to produce kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, and maybe even ice cream.

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