In Parabel’s Tomsk region has opened a mobile asphalt plant

It will produce asphalt for construction of the section of North latitude road that runs through Parabelsky district. The road began in Perm, runs through Ivdel, Khanty-Mansiysk, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk and ends in Tomsk.

The cost of the plant — 30 million rubles., He’s going for two weeks and is capable of producing up to 80 tons of asphalt per hour. True to its capacity affected by humidity and temperature of the air, so in Narym edge capacity of the plant will drop to 50 tons per hour.

The plant‘s products mainly go for the construction of roads in North latitude Parabel area. It is 22 km long road Grave cape — Kargasok. Who contractor backfilled this area with gravel. Less than a month to begin work paver. In the administration area Parabelsky the road rise to great perspective: first, it will bypass the villages and towns, so their residents will no longer breathe dust of the road, and secondly, the road will create new jobs.

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