In Paris, built Russian Orthodox center

Russian architects Arch-group and the French studio Sade Sarl won the competition for project of the Russian Orthodox spiritual center of cultural du Quai Branly in Paris, which will be located near the Eiffel Tower. The total area of the construction will be 4500 square meters. m

The planned complex is located at the intersection of the embankment Branli (Branly) and av. Rapp (Rapp) that form in the north area of the Resistance and the bridge of Alma. The southern facade of the complex is on the street. Universite (university).

On the Quai Branly directly adjacent to the planned complex of historic palace building Alma. Next, next door to the palace is a world-famous art museum building (architect Jean Nouvel), overlooking the waterfront with a glass wall, fence off the garden and the amount of colorful modernist museum. Thus, the building of the palace included a dialogue between two modern complexes that flank it on both sides.

The main theme of the architectural complex is the union of traditional temple architecture and contemporary culture and orthodox complex. The unifying element is the transparent cover, down from the domes covering the garden and enveloping angular reconstructed building "Univers". As in traditional Christian temple complexes, the whole area around the temple is a garden with a glass railing fence around the perimeter of multimedia. This makes the complex open to the views of the sun and air, and communication.

In the center of the site, in the center of the garden behind the glass media facades facing the promenade and avenue Rapp is the volume of the Orthodox church. The project envisages construction of the temple in the tradition of the ages 14-16, with a clean and simple volume. The temple is oriented strictly to the east, with a deviation within a 5-degrees. Temple of the five-domed, three-nave with side borders. The bulk of the temple corresponds to the traditional elongated proportions, with the total area in the interior — about 400 sq.m. due to the extended lower part. It is proposed underground organization, small odnoprestolnogo temple crypt.

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