In Pechenga, Murmansk region has opened a kindergarten for 85 seats

The kindergarten "Rainbow" has all the conditions for the harmonious development of children and their comfortable stay. It has cozy rooms and group rooms, playground, and sports fields, catering department, conference room equipped with modern appliances, medical center. For a complete organization of the process of training and education prepared varied gameplay and didactic material. In order to help children with speech disorders in kindergarten will run a methodical point.

The construction was carried out in the framework of pre-school party project "Kindergartens — Children" and the long-term target program "Development of the Murmansk region." From the regional budget allocated for the construction of DOW 57,323 144.4 rubles. From the municipal budget for the purchase of Pechenga soft, sports equipment, toys, instructional products, and equipment of establishments with CCTV — 7,321,700 rubles.

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