In Penza opened a business incubator in the field of information technology and instrumentation

The opening ceremony of the business incubator mixed (office and industrial) of the type held in the city of Penza. Specialization new facility business infrastructure — precision engineering, information technology and electronics.

Business incubator with a total area of more than 3 thousand square meters. m is the 34th in a row of similar objects, built in the Penza region.

The cost of a business incubator — more than 75 million rubles., Including 15 million rubles. — Budgetary funds of the Penza region and more than 60 million rubles. — Means the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

The new business incubator set up office space for 169 jobs, 7 laboratories and a workshop equipped with technological equipment.

Three electrical laboratory will allow residents to engage business incubator surface mounting of electronic components, testing and analysis of electronic equipment and devices.

Three radio lab focused on the design of electronic devices and systems for realization of the circuit and logic levels, calculation and simulation of telecommunication systems using visual programming, electronic simulation systems for the collection, processing and presentation of information in the information and telecommunication systems. This will deny service to large manufacturers, including foreign ones, for the production of prototypes (small series) components and assemblies of electronic equipment.

Laboratory for the repair of office equipment is a production site repair of office equipment will allow us to carry out maintenance work on the maintenance of computer and office equipment the world’s largest producers, which is an important task in ensuring a comfortable environment for residents of the business incubator.

In the "Ranking of innovative activity of regions of Russia — 2011", compiled by the National Association of innovation and the development of information technology (Moscow), Penza region ranked 10th, up from 14th position.

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