In Penza opened a new school

In the village. Akhun Penza Sept. 1 opening ceremony of the new school. Educational institution was built in preparation for the 350th anniversary of the regional center. It was erected on the site of the old school building number 19 in Akhun.

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The construction of the secondary school number 19 of the federal, regional and municipal budgets was spent 365 million rubles.

The new school building will operate six gyms, swimming pool, sports fields, a football field with artificial turf, a ballroom, dining room, designed for 220 seats, a library and a medical rehabilitation center.

At the moment, the school enrolls more than 500 people, teaching staff consists of 34 teachers, of which the highest educational category — 16 people. 

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"The school meets all the requirements of educational institutions is well equipped. We — a great sports facilities: six gyms. There is a gym, fitness, dance halls. Excellent library, there is Internet access, equipped with a large library. There is a conference hall, a lecture hall. There are separate workshops for the processing of metal, wood, study economics, "- said the director of the school number 19 Yuri Romanov.

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On the first "line" in the school on the street. Berry was visited by representatives of local and regional authorities, parents, alumni and local residents — the opening of one of the most modern educational institutions have all been waiting impatiently.

First grader Aksinya Frolova, as her other classmates, made no secret of joy — she will learn in a large, comfortable and very beautiful building dating back to the anniversary of Penza.

"I have a lot of girlfriends at school — we went to kindergarten together, almost the entire group in a class now. I want to go to school! I will only learn the "five" — said 7-year-old student.

Excited about the new school and former students of the educational institution.

"I learned more in an old building. Nice to see that my school is a very different place — it is like a palace. I am happy that in Penza appeared the best school, and that it is precisely in Akhun "- said the graduate school number 19, a leading holiday" ruler "Artem Kolobov.

The three-storey building, modern classrooms and laboratories meet the latest requirements. To show the benefits of an educational institution, for the guests of honor — the first persons of the city and the region — the director of the school number 19 Yuri Romanov gave the tour.

For older students built a large soccer field, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts.

"School — the best in Penza. Congratulations to students on the Day of Knowledge, first-graders — the first day at school! Do you have all the conditions to increase the potential to become leaders and submit to all the example "- turned to the students of the school head of administration of Penza Roman Chernov.

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