In Penza opened GP surgery

GP surgery MUSES "Penza City Clinical Hospital № 5" is located on the first floor of a 9-storey residential building. The total area clinics — 124.5 square meters. m

  Outpatient office includes receiving a doctor, treatment and physiotherapy rooms, a room for the medical staff, health room. Here are receiving two general practitioners in two shifts. The total number of the attachment of the population — 3468 people.

  As the chief medical officer of the Penza City Clinical Hospital № 5 Dmitry Zinoviev, in the ambulatory blood sampling carried out on the general and biochemical analyzes, intramuscular and intravenous injection by a doctor, physiotherapy (UHF-therapy, inhalation, Diadynamic galvanizatorom treatment of various neuromuscular diseases and pain states with spasms).

According to Dmitry Zinoviev, the opening GP surgery will reduce queues at the clinic number 1 Penza City Clinical Hospital № 5. However, the governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev recommended that the hospital management actively attached to inform the public about the lab opened, such as distributing leaflets in mailboxes and placing the information on the message boards — "that people are" old-fashioned "did not sit in the queues at the clinic."

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