In Penza opened modern molecular genetic laboratory


January 26 in Penza on the basis of the regional forensic bureau discovered the molecular genetic laboratory. She was 36 in the country and the most modern equipped laboratories of its kind in the neighboring regions. The significance of this event is difficult to overestimate. The study of DNA — this is the only way to establish the perpetrator of serious crimes, the relationship between humans and the human personality. The lines in these baths with initial samples experts can tell a lot. With the request to establish kinship to the Department of forensic suspicious fathers treated twice a week. Now, such an analysis with the opening of the molecular laboratory in the Penza region is possible. Errors in the results are excluded. Molecular genetic testing — the most advanced and accurate way to determine the identity. To analyze a slight amount of any suitable biological material. This may be saliva, and hair and the blood. The laboratory will not only establish kinship. By the way, expertise in civil cases — are paid. Most opportunities to conduct molecular genetic studies are pleased to criminologists. Last year alone, in criminal cases, which are usually serious crimes, was appointed about 30 such examinations. They had to be ordered in the neighboring regions, and the results to wait for months. To equip the laboratory on the basis of the regional forensic bureau of the regional budget allocated 6 million rubles. Penza laboratory is not only equipped with the most modern of today, but also designed with the possibility of further modernization. Areas under the additional equipment that will be in 2-3 years have already been laid.

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