In Penza opened the first start-up complex of the bridge over the river. Suru

In the city of Penza September 17 the grand opening of a new bridge over the river Sura and railway. Its length — 1603 meters.

The number of lanes — two in each direction, three of the Congress and of entry. In the engineering complex includes a block distribution unit, transformer substation, the system noise barriers, local treatment facilities, outdoor and architectural lighting, replacement of window units in homes, caught in the zone of noise exposure of the bridge.

The ultimate cost of the new overpass will be about 7.5 billion rubles. Fully bridge should be completed by the third quarter of 2014.

Construction of the bridge is divided into start-up facilities. In the first part: the construction of the main "body" of the bridge, the two Congresses and two trips through the streets Zlobina, Urickogo and Serdobskiye, and facilities engineering. In the second part of the complex includes the erection of entry and exit in the streets and Zlobina Serdobskiye, resettlement and demolition of two houses.

Bridge over the railway and Sura is for evacuation in case of emergencies at the facility for destruction of chemical weapons in the village Leonidovka. It was built in the framework of the federal target program "Destruction of chemical weapons in the Russian Federation."

Also, the new bridge will help develop the left bank of Penza, where they will build new infrastructure. Thanks to the new bridge will improve transport links to the city Zarechnyj.

With the construction of buildings used steel, steel reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete. The warranty period of service on such constructions — 100 years. For the first time such a structure is mounted on a complex treatment facilities.


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