In Penza, the company of Dairy Penza launched a new line of pouring milk

June 20 Dairy "Penza" (trademark "Malcom") has launched a new line for bottling milk. Installed in the production line will produce a shift of up to 60 tons of UHT milk corresponding to GOST.

A significant increase in the shelf life of milk without the addition of preservatives is provided by aseptic filling and packaging in a sterile environment. In addition, the new packaging is composed of several layers, which provides a "thermos effect" and allows the product to stay fresh even without a refrigerator at a temperature of up to +25 ° C.

At the plant started major reconstruction, which will invest about 300 million rubles, so that the company can provide milk and sour-milk products not only to the inhabitants of the region, but also the neighboring areas.

In the next two years, plant management plans to reorganize the system of production, including the acquisition of modern equipment, renovation and replacement of the boiler piping system. Modernization provides complete automation of the production cycle and control of production.

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