In Perm, a table opened up orders farm products.

In the shopping center "BAZAR" at st. , 88 opened a new, the third order table virtual market natural products "Your Farmer".

The "Your Farmer" for more than 1.5 years of experience in the active promotion of the products of farmers Perm region. Withow on the portal are actively selling 36 manufacturers of 12 districts of the Perm Territory.

One of the first customers at the new store has now become the Acting Minister of Agriculture and Food Ivan vegetable garden. According to him, in the province develops the theme of sales of farm products.

— There are two formats, the first — this is for seasonal agricultural fairs and fairs of the day — this year there will be more than 400. The second format — this is the sale of products through the small village, you can say, "chamber" stores, where customers treated individually. In this store, consumers can see a picture of the rural entrepreneur and his farm may choose to go to the farm and see the conditions under which produced, for example, milk, — said Ivan vegetable garden.

The region should develop theme agricultural consumer cooperatives, the farmers themselves united and open these points of sales. In this niche, and there are also active entrepreneurs, including the project "Your Farmer." By delivering themselves successfully on the Internet, businesses opened already third retail point — the head of department.

Today, the province already has 3 tables of orders farm products, in September will open another, and by the end of the year, there should be six.

— We are working to increase this number, help draw up the documents for the products required for its implementation in the retail stores, the new farmers. This is understandable, because the amount and viability of our products is increasing, — said the director of "Your Farmer" Svetlana Perminov.

Thanks to the farmers involved in the project, the residents of the city of Perm can buy directly from the manufacturer a wide range of products. This and dairy products (sour cream, cottage cheese, milk), meat — beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, poultry — chicken, guinea fowl, quail, duck, goose, indyushtana, eggs, quail, guinea hen, honey and bee products, cereals with the addition of royal jelly, a variety of hand-molded semi-finished products, bread, homemade noodles, kvass, jam, sbitni, vegetables, herbs and more.

— We still have vacant niches for farmers — not enough nuts, you can extend the range of dairy products, looking for suppliers of meat of wild animals and birds — said Svetlana Perminov.

In search of new suppliers command "Your Farmer" plans in August and September to meet with producers in the district centers of the Perm region.

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