In Perm, approved a plan for a project to develop a cluster rocket engine

March 20th Prime Minister of the Perm region Gennady Tushnolobov approved an action plan for the implementation of the project "The development of innovative territorial cluster of rocket engines" Technopolis "New Star", According to the official press release of the "Proton-PM."

The document was adopted in order to implement the Programme of socio-economic development of the Perm Territory in the 2012 — 2016 year in which the project technopolis.
The approved plan includes the steps and timing of the project in terms of the development of transport, energy, engineering, housing, innovation, education, infrastructure. In addition, the document provides for work in the field of research and development, the implementation of innovation.

Along the "Development of educational infrastructure" provides for the organization of the school of engineering and technological orientation on the basis of the sponsored school of "Proton-PM" № 129. This project was named "Tehnoshkola."

Igor Arbuzov, director general of "Proton-PM", said: "The approval of the action plan says about the interest of the Government of the Perm Territory in the cluster, which has important implications not only for regional development, but also for the development of Russian space and other high-tech industries to improve their competitiveness in world markets. joint efforts of the Permian engineering companies and all levels of government in this direction will create a special Perm innovative environment, not only in a new way to organize the production, but also to create a modern quality of life and jobs. "

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