In Perm build a plant for the production of OSB

The company "Oris" is planning to launch a new production capacity of 500 thousand m? in 2013. Now go to the site construction work. To equip the plant equipment is purchased.   

Construction of the first plant with a capacity of 250 m? OSB per year began in October 2011. The total project cost is estimated at $ 335 million The company will create more than 500 jobs in the Perm region.

The project of "Oris" is aimed at import substitution, OSB now come from abroad. The plant will be one of the first in Russia. For the production of plates will be used the so-called illiquid wood — aspen. In the production of raw materials to be used from the Perm region and the neighboring regions.  


Oriented strand board (CAP) Refer to the latest inventions designed for implementation in production in the woodworking industry.

Pressing the material produced using the water resistant resin at high temperature and high humidity. Excellent technical specifications provided by the properties of OSB natural wood. Another important factor is the long memorization chips and alignment layers of flat schepy.nedreniya into production in the woodworking industry.



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