In Perm build kindergartens and schools in small towns

In the village of Solym Kosinski area of the Permian Komi District opened a new school-kindergarten. Old school does not meet today’s requirements, be it the children were not safe.

The new school garden has cost the municipality of 7.5 million. Today, it is visited by 7 pupils and 5 preschoolers.

By order of the Governor of this year we will begin to solve the problem of small villages, where parents never dreamed that they would ever own kindergarten. We start the construction of rural pre-schools. Overall, at the end of 2014 we all children older than 3 years will be provided with places in kindergartens, — said Education Minister Raisa Cassina.

Construction of kindergarten is one of the priorities of management of the Perm Territory. In the 2012-2014 years. will be created 21.7 thousand places in kindergartens through the construction of new and reconstruction of existing kindergartens.

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