In Perm, completed the construction of a new building of Pediatric Surgery

Construction of the new building of pediatric surgery in Perm completed. The process of acceptance.

The new six-story housing Pediatric Surgery urban children’s hospital number 15 has 250 beds. It will be provided surgical care for the young people of Perm and the Perm region. Last childrens hospital of this magnitude were erected in Perm about 30 years ago.

The new building has two elevators installed, built an underground passage to the adjacent housing. Thus, children who are in it for the treatment can be quickly delivered to the examination or surgery. The clinic is equipped with modern appliances, medical and diagnostic, including the latest rentgenoborudovaniem, computer tomography and magnetic resonance.


The building is placed 8 operating rooms, an intensive care unit, and the only clinic open 8 surgical wards. In addition, the new equipment will enable professionals of different profiles to make more complex planned operations, improve their quality. Improve living conditions in the clinic of young patients and their parents.

Who started building inspection specialists inspection of state construction supervision of the Perm region. Then I will prepare the final act of building the facility, and then begin the process of licensing medical facility.

According to experts, the introduction center in operation significantly improves the quality of specialized medical care for children in Perm and Perm region only.
It is planned that the first patients in the new building will begin accepting pediatric surgery in June 2012.

In the new case will be transferred to the Department of Pediatric traumatology and orthopedics, otolaryngology, neurotrauma, ophthalmology, which are still in various hospitals. For example, pediatric orthopedics and traumatology is now housed in the "adult" medical unit number 9. 

As explained by the head of the health Anastasia Kruten, all kinds of surgical care will now be concentrated in one clinic "This will provide an opportunity to significantly improve the quality of medical care to children around the edges", — Anastasia explained Kruten.

For the exchange of experiences established contacts with experts from major medical centers of Russia — Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, and abroad — from the Czech Republic, Israel and Germany.

The work of the zero cycle began in late January 2010. The total cost of the works — 1 billion 524 million 631 thousand rubles. This figure includes the creation of a surgical hospital building "from scratch", and its equipment. Contractor — Hungarian company PROinvest KFT.

Total purchased for the clinic and once purchased 130 items of special equipment and medical equipment worth 500 million rubles. It Assisted Surgery complexes for colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, laparoscopy, 6 X-ray machines, high-end ultrasound systems, anesthetic machines for newborns and more.




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