In Perm, has opened a new research and educational center

Research and Education Center of Applied Chemical and Biological Research (Himba SEC) was established in the framework of cooperation Perm Technical University (PNIF) and the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) on the metabolism and diabetes, with the support of the charity fund "Neva", the regional government.

— The opening of the center — this is one of the results of that work, which is the regional Ministry of Education on the development of higher education in the region. This is the start of a unique project that brings science Perm region to a new level. This is a real international cooperation aimed at the development of new products for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes,
said the head of the regional vocational education ministry Ilya Bocharov.

There will be engaged in the creation of drugs are needed for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry — at the level of global peers. With advanced equipment and technology.  Fluorescence mixture from one flask of the rotary evaporator under heat into steam, and then condensed on the spiral and falls into the second flask. And a ready-mix is used for the diagnosis of diabetes.

Experimental samples tested drugs in mice. First, for the diagnosis of disease, and then to cure. The uniqueness of such a center for Russia — will give the city a chance to become the core attraction of scientists from across the country. 
In summer, the Institute will take four graduate students from the Polytechnic University. The competition has already appeared — 9 students expressed a desire to go into science. After working here, they will spend nine months at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne in Switzerland, in cooperation with the Perm center for the fight against diabetes.

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