In Perm, opened a workshop for the production of domestic natural kvass.

Issue beverage under the brand name "Grace" in the territory of the Kirov district of Perm started entrepreneurs and Vladimir Alexander Zhulin.

Initially, the organization of production of kvass home was planned as a family business, which was attended by 2 people. To date, we have been working 4 employees and a need for new staff. In the production of beverage raw materials used Permian — dry kvass Ltd. "The first bread."

Brew is made according to old Russian recipes. The product does not contain yeast, the production process is carried out by the natural fermentation of natural products. Because of this, the shelf life of the beverage — only 12 days.

Businesses deliver their products to retail stores in Perm, Krasnokamsk Nytva, p.Uralsky, Severokamsk. The project — a large-scale entry of Perm and the Perm region and other regions.  

The plans for the entrepreneurs to bring the production to 6 million bottles per day and range — start producing kvass with blueberries, cranberries, currants, for hash — with horseradish, etc. In the future, it will be set up production of the "Perm" fruit drinks, iced tea and natural energy drink from wild plants growing in the Perm region.

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