In Perm, the construction of FOCA over 350 million

In Perm, the construction of a new sports and recreation complex with a total value of 350 million rubles. It will be put into operation in July 2014.

New FLC, according to the project, will bring together under one roof, three playgrounds — universal ice arena, gym and an open area for basketball and volleyball. It also provides halls of power, acrobatic choreography and training, health improvement and recovery center. Perm can be engaged in a complex hockey, figure skating, basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics and other sports.

 Now, according to the CEO of the contractor, cleared land for construction, preparing the pit, and scored the first pile. However, there was a problem with the existing water pipeline, which the builders unexpectedly discovered on the site: the project was considered invalid, but in reality was working and was damaged equipment.

— Network company has already made the necessary adjustments to the project, and by the end of the week will be to shift the water line, — assured the deputy chief of staff Sergei Yuzhakov Perm. — Thus, the contractor will be able to launch the construction of FOCA in full force.

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