In Perm, the exhibition Look, it’s — NANO

The exhibition "Look, it’s — NANO" takes place in the framework of Days of nanotechnology 1 to September 30 at the Museum of Modern Art PERMM. It is organized by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO and the Perm edge in order to promote scientific research in the field of nanotechnology, new solutions, which are already used in everyday life.


The exhibition was opened by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Perm Territory Elena Gilyazova and Culture Minister Nikolai Beginners. For the first time the exhibition was visited by over 200 people.

Gilyazova joined a group of primary school children who painted things of the future. "The most important thing is that the show children love. They absolutely love it, "- she said after talking with the guys.

Photo: Deputy Chairman of the Perm Territory Elena Gilyazova with students.

The opening ceremony was attended by Catherine Gandrabura, curator of the exhibition "Look, it’s — NANO" and Boris Galkin, head of the regional projects of RUSNANO. "It is no coincidence, the main audience — children. We think about the future generations. The exhibition aims to increase awareness of children, it develops the imagination. It’s always nice to see with what enthusiasm and verve they see our show, "- he said.

The exhibition is organized in such a way that the children were able to touch and hold in your hand inventions and products of nanotechnology, as well as art objects made of nanomaterials. Young visitors will see modern carbon fiber, which allows you to create not only ultraprochnye designs for bridges, but also the intricate art objects in the form of exotic fish; solar panels; probe microscope, stained glass windows, created by the printer company "SUN". In the space of the exhibition will be held popular science lectures and presentations of nanotechnology projects, master classes.

In the photo: the-art facility, "Tumbleweeds" from carbon fiber.

In particular, JSC "Center for Advanced Technologies" demonstrates the probe microscope, examining the surface of the Permian salt crystals by atomic force microscopy, literally feeling the nanometer-scale roughness on the faces of the crystal.

Photo: Permian salt in the background image obtained by AFM.

Remember that for the media and bloggers in the participating cities of the regional project "Nanotechnology Week" competition for the best coverage of the topics of innovation, "On a new level." The winners will get the chance to visit the International Nanotechnology Forum in Moscow in October 2011.

For the youngest guests of the exhibition organized by the children’s drawing competition "The things of the future", where children will be able to fantasize about how things will look, which will appear in the near future, thanks to new technologies. The winners will receive prizes from RUSNANO.

Detailed information about the project "Nanotechnology Week" can be found on the website

Press center of RUSNANO, 01.09.2011

See photo essay of Maria Orlova.

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