In Petersburg the trial run of the new akvabusa

High-speed catamarans new generation of "river-sea" — passenger akvabusy — took to the fairway Bolshaya Neva.

High-speed catamaran "Mercury" is capable of carrying up to 70 passengers and reach speeds up to 46 km per hour. The vessel was designed and built by Russian shipbuilders specifically to serve the lines of the water system Ladoga — Neva — Gulf of Finland.

At a press conference held on board the ship, the chairman of the Transport Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg, Stanislav Popov said that akvabusami associated with the prospect of an integrated circuit water and land transport in the city and suburbs. 

"Do not use a unique geographical position of the city with its many waterways would be, in our opinion, is not rational. Such vessels that can run at speeds up to 40 km per hour with 70 passengers on board, is able to become competitors of ground-based communications, especially with taking into account the constant traffic jams on the embankments, bridges, streets. now developed the concept of mixed messages, it involves the creation of combined bus-stop motor ship, the application of uniform tariffs ", — Stanislav Popov said.

For the operation of "Mercury" is derived "good" Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, which will enable the vessel to go the route of Gulf of Finland. The design of the catamaran design allows to withstand steep wave of the sea, and on the other — it is easy to fit in steep bends of rivers.

It is planned that akvabusy will come on the line connecting St. Petersburg with the source of the Neva in Schliesselburg, Kronstadt, the spa capital of the northern shore of the Gulf of Zelenogorsk. In the future, you may use the fleet on the road leading to Vyborg and further along the Saimaa Canal is a friendly, Finland, to the port of Lappeenranta.

Corr. ITAR-TASS Leo Frolov November 8

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