In Petrozavodsk, opened a factory unit repair of mining equipment LLC Zeppelin Russland

July 26, 2011. The company "Zeppelin Russland" successfully works in the European part of Russia for more than ten years and is a dealer of the world famous company "Caterpillar", which produces a variety of heavy equipment. Today "Zeppelin Russland" supplies equipment for the mining, non-metallic minerals, construction, forestry and other industries.

North-West, and especially Karelia is a region rich in the subsoil. Here is mined iron ore, block stone, produce a large amount of non-metallic materials. Therefore, it is located in Petrozavodsk zeppelin factory repair units and units of heavy equipment and a regional warehouse of spare parts. The work of the center will focus on providing technical support to enterprises of the North-West region.

General Director of "Zeppelin Russland" Frank Janas, who spoke at the opening ceremony, said that the investment in the Karelian enterprise amounted to about 100 million rubles. There have already begun to make repairs of engines, transmissions and gearboxes machines working in the quarries.

Yuri Kancher in turn wished the company Zeppelin further development, noting that in Karelia and the Murmansk region are actively developing mining production, and expensive equipment needs constant maintenance qualified, so plant in Petrozavodsk will always be guaranteed a job.

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