In Petrozavodsk, put into operation a new substation Logmozero

In Petrozavodsk put into operation a new substation № 83 "Logmozero." The investment project worth about 260 million rubles will ensure reliable electricity largest consumers of Petrozavodsk and Karelia region Prionezhski.

Until a few years ago this place was growing forest, were the rocks and swamps. Thanks to the combined efforts of the customer — DOC "Kalevala", the Government of Karelia, city officials here realized a large investment project.

Increased production of modern building materials, construction of a new substation, which provides electricity plant DOC "Kalevala" and has a large supply of power to connect to other users. 

Of the three installed at the substation transformers one is always in reserve, while the other two are always willing to insure each other in case of power failure.

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