In Petrozavodsk, will create a center for the FSB WIG

Russian FSB Border Service will create a center for the construction of Petrozavodsk WIG. As told to "Izvestia" a source in the government, flying machines are needed to protect water state borders. Infrastructure for the production of WIG and training for their service will have to be created from scratch.

— Now in Russia there is no place to experience WIG, nowhere to perform, there is no place to train specialists for the maintenance of these machines. All will have to be created from scratch — noted "Izvestia".
According to him, the need for border guards in ekranoplans confirmed Frontier Research Center of the FSB. These machines are needed primarily to patrol the river and sea borders and arrest offenders. Therefore, production is expected to revive the "flying ships" in the shipyard "Vanguard" (Petrozavodsk), which is now in a state of bankruptcy.
Director of the Association of Enterprises "winged" Yuri Varakosov explained that Petrozavodsk as technical site was not chosen by chance:
— Moderate continental climate will be tested WIG all year round. In addition, from Lake Onega has access to both the south and to the Arctic Ocean.
Another factor in favor of Karelia — "talent pool" of Petrozavodsk, where the jobless sit shipbuilders and officers cut a piece of the Defense Ministry. According Varakosova, WIG center is ready to take on the work of more than 5 thousand people.
Now Petrozavodsk is completing a 10-ton winged "Orion-20." Its construction began in 2009 in Nizhny Novgorod, and then fragments of the body was transferred to Petrozavodsk.
On a pilot car will be worked out engines, navigational and flight equipment, control and security, and technology services WIG. After completion of the tests planned to start production of WIG in Petrozavodsk, Nizhny Novgorod and in Zhukovsky near Moscow.
Now the producers have WIG foreign contract for six WIG Association "Oriole", and none of the institution of orders not yet placed. One "Oriole" is from November 2011, the pilot operation in the Office of the Federal Security Service of the Republic of Karelia.
On the revival of production of WIG on Friday recalled and a new "defense" Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He said that the industry is ready to produce military WIG, but the Defense Ministry does not hurry up to order them. In December last year, Rogozin held a closed meeting on ekranoplanostroeniya. However, representatives of the Ministry of Defence said it did not consider the airfoil as a promising weapon.
Head of Research and Analytical Center for National Security Anatoly Tsiganok believes that the FSB Border Service can be the engine for the resumption of construction of WIG:
Border guards consistently get their ships, as planned, in contrast to our fleet. Therefore, it is frontier troops can save these ships with a unique lift.
According to him, airfoil can be useful to the border guards for the protection of the Northern Sea Route and escort Russian fishing seiners.
— Now almost any ship can go along the north shore of unaccompanied Russian icebreaker. In such conditions, we need to ensure the safety of overseas, primarily to suppress the illegal presence of warships of other countries. Norway also loves to chase Russian seiners. And here WIG might come in handy — said Tsiganok.
He added that in addition to maritime border with Russia there are lots of river and lake sections of the border, which also need to be protected. The first is Cupid, which separates China from Russia, the Danube, the overall lake with Ukraine and Belarus.

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